Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34" - Horizontal lines

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Enrique Rumbo

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Hello everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I have a Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34". A few weeks ago it started to show (or not showing) horizontal lines. Of course, it's outside of the warranty period.

After some hours of reading and watching videos I disassembled the monitor and checked the ribbons that go from the TCON board to the panel PCB. If I disconnect the ribbon for the right side of the panel, the other half shows a perfect image. I ordered a "new" TCON, installed it and the issue persists so that tells me it must be a panel issue.

I've seen various videos talking about "the tape method", covering the clock signals (I believe). I don't understand much of electronics but I can't believe that's a solution (it has to have some kind of performance loss, maybe in the refresh speed?). If those connections weren't needed, they wouldn't be there. I don't think manufacturers do anything they don't need to.

Anyway, I can't find the right pads in the ribbon cable to block.

Now the question. Is it an issue with the panel itself or with the PCB of the panel? I suppose that if it is a panel issue I better throw it in the trash, but if it is a PCB issue it can be repaired. If the latter is true, can you help me find the issue?

Monitor model: XMMNTWQ34.

Panel model is: Samsung LSM340YP05.

TCON: CCPD-TC-340-001.

Panel PCB: CCPD-XR-340-001.

Thanks again!