Honda Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator

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  1. wilko

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    Sep 3, 2014
    Hi Chris, I'm impressed you can rebuild the AVR but really they are so cheap off fleebay you may be better off replacing the lot providing the working voltages are the same. Some eBay sellers do state what they are.
    I'm not sure your Coleman is anything like mine. My generator was a Kraftech, China derivation from a Honda design. Mine was a 3 phase unit that unfortunately got burnt out due to heavily imbalanced single phase loading. Realising 3 phase was totally unsuitable for my application I rewound it as best I could as a single phase generator. All my problems have been with the number of turns required on windings, not the AVR. My AVR is for a brush type rotor and has 6 wires. 2 wires are sense wires getting about 18vac sample from the output voltage. 2 are from the rotor excitation coils and should be about 70 vac. The last two wires feed the rotor slip rings. Can be up to nearly 100 vdc on full load.
    See my earlier posts and Tady43's in this thread.
  2. Chris Meilleur

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    May 1, 2017
    Rebuilding it was a viable option as the parts are cheaper then a new AVR board of that type. I think it cost me 35$ CAD for enough parts to rebuild it twice ( from Digikey). I have been fiddling with this thing for far too long though. I know it produces voltage, as mentioned I am currently getting 144VAC with the blown components. Maybe the components listed on the first page are not correct? My board is the exact same design as the images posted on page 1 of the thread.

    I think what I need is some help with the diagnostics, or even retrofitting a 3rd party AVR. As mentioned, mine is the same as that on pg1. 7 wires including the brushes to the slip rings. 2 Black, 2 Yellow, 1 Blue and the + and - brushes.

    Attached is a pic of the end bell label.