4 windings on Honda 4kva generator output rewiring

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Hi there

I have a Honda 4kva AC generator working great, with 4 windings, a neutral, and earth. Each winding is putting out circa 60 VAC when tested with the voltmeter against earth/ground or neutral.

The four hot windings appear to be in pairs, i.e. the voltmeter will read 110 VAC between opposites, and <5 VAC between each pair.

Originally the generator's output was 110 / 220 VAC. This is clearly marked on the chassis.

But, at some point, someone has hardwired the 4 windings to feed just two 110 VAC sockets.

I would like to rewire it to restore its original output - i.e. 220 VAC.

Any advice on how to put the windings into series, rather than parallel? What is the correct wiring sequence?