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hi, i would like to build myself a welding machine at home. i would really like to here some suggestions on the materials i can use to build up the transformer. i was thinking to use a 1inch flat bar as my soft iron core, 0r 2 sets of bolts for my winding.
is anyone having any suggestions on this idea project?


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I don't think LAR engineering will cut it for a high power, mains transformer, unless you have a lot of experience in that field. It doesn't appear you do. As already stated, you need to first define what type of welder you want. You may find designs on the internet.
A good place to start would youtube and home made welder. There are pages and pages of examples from the simple to involved invertor machines and of all types of welders. There's a fair amount though that is for an audience that is beyond the average home tinkerer though just as there a lot of home made tool videos that are for people with full functioning at home machine shops.


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When I was at class 5, I tried one to wind on old core. However sth with the characteristic slope was not much right, so it sparkled much but welded badly. But it was not stopper to weld a ball-bearing nests to the frame so to construct the firewood cutter saw. It was stolen just few years ago after serving near 50 years. I didnt expected so heavyweight machine in the first outside night will be taken from formally closed yard. Oh those everywhere russians.

Then I found one demolished "real" one at local scrape metal demolishing yard, those model with long slide coils. As there was no much hence around I came at night and tried to roll it in my rucksack. Tried much whilst read a label - weight 320 kg. I was about 17 old then, 45 years ago. After bit witchcraft with wooden planks the next night I succeed to roll it in the rucksack and to roll it over, so I am below and it is over me. But no way to stay-up to the feet. Then I witchcrafted bit more serious so the more next night I managed to stay up with eyes coming out of orbitals and managed even to walk the 100 meters up to the tram end-stop. When the tram opened a door of course I failed to step up but one bull-faced russian helped me to pull it in. So at the other end-stop I loaded it out and there was just two kilometres with two-wheel garden carriage and it was mine. Strange THEN such measured by today terms "crime" was sth just normal and well belonged to everyday life.

So, I thrown it out after some 40 years of well serving. Today when any shop sells 50$ Chinese 100A thing weighting a 1 kg of 100$ Spanish of 200A weighting a 2 kg, I deeply am sure, IT IS NO MEANING to meditate about ANY - transformer-based welding construction. More over, even You shall spend the time demanded for DIY build of such welder for just sell the hotdogs, You will earn far more money this welder cost. Go and buy it. (However try to buy Spanish, then are far more qualitative as Chinese) but the same nice price. Cheapest for 13 $. For example



And many many more
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