Limit switch on homemade rotor system


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Easiest way would be to mount two micro switches with long levers , and a cam or a piece of wood to act as the lever catcher, you would have to wire them to the control board to stop the motion, if you wire them to the motor it will stop and won't work again.


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There needs to be some kind of "up-side-down" Cup to keep water out of the Motor,
otherwise this project worked-out pretty nice.

Maybe there's a Gear-Motor the same size, but with 1/4 of the RPM-Output.
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The simple scheme using limit switches and a DC reversible motor is to put both limit switches in series with the motor, and each limit switch shunted by a diode of adequate current and voltage rating for the power used. The diodes are set to only allow the motor to drive in the opposite direction. That way the motor can be driven away from the switch simply by reversing the polarity of the drive voltage. That is about as simple as it can be done. And if the motor does not draw a lot of current the diodes and switches are rather inexpensive.