His last words !!


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I called him and left a message. I believe it said "You've reached the phone of Retched" I left a message and told him we all missed him and wondered what happened to him. I told him R!f@@ would send him nudey pics if he posted. So he probably has a new girlfriend or is into something else at the moment. I'm sure we'll hear from him in a while. I took about 8 months off, sometimes you just need to split a while on the forums.


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Hey....Where the respect .....you didn't touch the Loosewire,so don't

get that close....Raiff ,how are you doing....they know you have brown

eyes and I have blue eyes and that me in that famous photo of Man and

the Ocean. You are in the picture on a yacht,did you take that picture?

Let them wonder about the connection,one of the guys on the yacht has

............. The water off the Maldives is blue.....Does Loosewire work for

the Male' management company,with the private jet. You would never tell.

Post that yacht picture here on this post so the new members can see it.

Thanks, Raiff, I wonder why I spell your name different...what do I know ?
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Find that picture and post it,it has five guys on the yacht..its in

your album...easy to post on this post for the new guys.You can

put my picture next to the yacht picture side by side.


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Its on my album,click Loosewire and you will see the picture.

Double click on the picture and it will get bigger,then put the

pictures side by side here,maybe.......... can help.


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and we wonder why Retched doesn't post here anymore...
listen to this drivel.
We are discussing the whereabouts of a friend of ours in a somber mood and now its turning into demanding others to post photos of a completely different nature?
what gives?
Loosewire, I love you brother but what drives this insatiable vanity?