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Most people don't know that you chat about Electronic's
on the All About Curcuits Forum. So when we don't hear
from someone that Is close to us on the forum we must
use the same method that you use In your personal life.
WE miss our members that we don't hear from,there are
a few of us that would like there good bye's be knowned.
Just remember this electronic and computers all of this
Information Is being stored,so In days to come data bases
will have the Information,Usernames passwords e-mails.Our young
members will have access to a lot Information and they will able to
Id by code the members that did not have a change to say
good bye in real time.In the future air filters will sort out your
dna and Identity where your are at or where you have been.
If this Is not being done Its my Idea so leave It alone.
Say you are on airplane,they have the passenger log,they
compare It to the dna collected In the air. So to the belivers
there no air in Heaven.


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Yeah.. Whats so hard about goodbye?

To some, It is an illogical problem. Who wants to be inundated with sappy so-longs? Just move on and get back to work. It was only business.

As for the no air in Heaven thing.. There has to be air in Hell.. How else would combustion be sustained? :)