High Side MOSFET Driver in LTSpice

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Hi, I'm making an AC to AC matrix converter that has MOSFETs in series with the Source of one leading to the Drain of the next to allow voltage flow. However I'm encountering some problems in the MOSFET driver circuit as it is required to have a floating 0V for the MOSFET to work correctly. The Driver circuit contains a High side MOSFET driver (IRL2127 from Radionics) but I can't find this component in the library of 'LTSpice XVII'. Has anyone on here have experience in creating new components with the software or have any recommendations?


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I can find no info on the IRL2127.
Do you mean IR2127?
Here's a listing for the Microsim Spice model, which you would put in the LTspice sub file , but you would also need to create (or modify) a schematic symbol in LTspice for the device that would reference the .sub file.

Here's a small write-up about doing that:
You can make you own symbols (File -New Symbols) but the easiest way is to modify a symbol of a part already in the Library.
For example for a new op amp, open a symbol of a typical op amp from the LTspiceIV/lib/sym/Opamps library and modify it with the Edit commands:
Use the Edit-Atributes to modify the SymbolModel to the new model name (such as LM324.lib) which you already placed (or should be) in the sub library.
Modify all the symbol references to be the new part number, both in the Attribute box and the symbol text which displays on the schematic (right click to modify).
Then do a Save As with the new part number as a .asy file back into the Opamps file.
The new op amp should now show up in the Opamps section of the Select Component window and should simulate as any other op amp.
The same procedure can be done for any other type of component.