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    Dec 26, 2014
    I've noticed that certain pages on Facebook and Youtube will cause high CPU use.

    Most pages don't cause any problem with CPU use, but one page on Facebook is the worst offender and it will cause CPU use to go to 100% for at least one minute. This page has caused so much CPU use that it caused one blue screen incident.

    I constantly monitor CPU use through Task Manager and other sites don't seem to use the CPU as much. Sites that have embedded audio/video files (like Youtube and Facebook) take a lot of CPU. However for other sites, overall CPU use is fairly low and nothing appears abnormal.

    But just visit that one Facebook page and whamo - high CPU and a possible blue screen.

    By the way, I'm viewing the problematic pages on a lap top with Windows 7. However I can view the same pages on my Windows based phone with no problem.

    So I guess the problem is that Windows 7 and something on those certain sites are causing a conflict.

    This one works OK:

    However, this one always stops responding and usually causes a blue screen:
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