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I'm working on a project that would require the ability to heat water into steam via electric induction, preferably DC or via AC converter if necessary.

I'm thinking a monotube design with an induction coil surrounding it that could produce steam from 2 quarts of water in say 30 seconds or less.

Anyone here have experience with that kind of design?


Mike Schwarcz

Hi Mike,
We too are working in similar project.
Have you made the thing?? What things needs to be studied and what will be challanging part for us on this?? Also can you tell how you made calculations? I am using 2 irfz44n MOSFET for this....

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I fear you need to rethink your aim.
My back of a cigarette packet calculations:

2 quarts of water is 2839g of water
specific heat capacity of water is 4200 J/kg/C
water heat of vaporisation 2257 J/g
Electrical power gives (Power * time in seconds) joules

to heat 2839g pf water from 20C to 100C would need 4200 * 2.839 * (100 - 20) = 953,904J
to vapourise 2839g of water to steam would need 2257 * 2839 = 6,407,623J

Total energy required is 953,904J + 6,407,623J = 7,361,527J
The elctrical power required for 7,361,527J in 30 seconds would be 7,361,527J / 30s = 245,384W

Nearly 250kW and that's assuming 100% efficiency.


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There you go. I was going to suggest doing what AH just did for you. And unless you can find errors, consider that the energy transfer mechanism is 100% EFFICIENT, Such as a plasma cutter arc in an insulated water tank. The problem with heat transfer by conduction is that it is not as fast as you would like.


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The problem of 245,000 watts for thirty seconds is that you can't do it, at least not with a normal electrical system. start with power,=volts x amps, solve for amps and you get amps =power/volts. so amps =245,000/120 volts=245/120 x1000, or a bit over 2000 amps. You are not going to get that with common electrical hookups, and the wiring to get it would be rather inconvenient.
So anything that appears on google claiming to do it in this short time is a fake. And everything that appears on yoo-toob is suspect.