Help with Electrical abbreviations.

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Hi, I am interested in your abbreviations as I like reading the different posts. I have been. Involved in. Electrical work since 1952 when I started a 5 year apprenticeship in Australia and received my certificate as an Electrical Fitter & Mechanic when finished. My main interest was in industrial service to many types of industry & was on standby always 24,/7. I did other work as well but the standby work was always interesting as each job brought a different challenge with a need to solve problems fast as the owner lost cash if problems were not solved quickly. I eventually lost out to Coronary Artery Bypass surgery Feb 1981 then a stroke October 1981. I was Told that I could not go back to that work as I would be a danger to others if I had another stroke. I was placed on disability support but studied to become a Tech Teacher in Qld TAFE Did OK and worked at that until July 4 1997. Really enjoyed that. Interesting to read the problems that people had fault finding but its like a foreign language . I know systems are vastly different. The world over. But would like to understand if possible what some of the abbreviations represent. Our latest rule book in Australia is now about 600 pages and all our electrical work must comply. That's one of our mandatory publications. There are several that must be observed. The more common one AS300 -2018 is used throughout Australia & most of it applies to NZ as well.

Regards Bill P. Qld Australia
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There is a N.A. one that may help somewhat, i.e. NFPA79 which covers Industrial machinery, there is a copy in PDF floating around you could download.
But Australia may have a few different terms than we in N.A. do,
Post any you may have a problem with and see if we can help!
BTW, I started the same way and at the same time as you in U.K.