Help with CMOS CD4047 Function Generator

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Hello there!
I would like to build a function generator using the CMOS CD4047 which can produce frequency more than 2MHZ as square wave pulses it will be fed to a "buffer" then integrator to produce a triangular wave then a another integrator step to produce a sine wave. The frequency will be controlled by a Potentiometer VR1 and capacitor C1 in the CD4047 but I would like to add a controllable DC voltage offset as well and an amplifier using transistors to allow switching big loads.

Simply I want the function generator to be producing a Controllable Frequency, duty cycle, Voltage offset and swings from -ve to +ve

1-Would be the good old LM324N a good choice for the buffers and integrator steps?
2-I want the voltage swinging from +ve to -ve rails and not +ve to 0 zero! note that the CD4047 outputs a digital pulse from +ve to zero only so I'm thinking that the integrator should be capable of that!
3-Where should I implement the Voltage offset step in my design and how? I'm thinking of a Potentiometer.
4-A general road map would be great and highly appreciated