Help wiring dual relays for halo headlights

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Hey all Sorry for the long title.
Not sure how to explain this correctly, but i need help wiring two relays. One which will turn on the halos in the headlights, and another that when the halos are powered/switched on will turn off the park lights in the headlights or disable them from being able to turn on.

I've wired up the first relay #1
30: Battery positive (Fused)
85: Battery positive
85: switched ground
87: power out to halos in headlights

Relay #2
30: ?
85: ?
86: ?
87: ?
87a: ?

I'm not sure how to wire up the second relay that when the first one is activated, will turn off the park lights in order just to have the halos on.
Reason why i'm wanting to wire it like this is so i can still have the rest of my cars park lights and fog lights on whilst only having the halos in the headlight on. Not both Halos and park lights.