Help using protel to design a laser microphone schematic [attached]

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Hey guys! I am a final year student studying mechatronics engineering in dublin city university.
I am currently undertaking my final year project in the 'design of a laser microphone'.

Attached in this message is a schematic for the laser microphone, it is fully designed on a circuit board but I need to get in on a PCB as soon as possible in order to perform some testing.

I am being told to use the program 'protel 99' to construct the schematic in a simple format so as to convert it into PCB layout, however I have no knowledge on the use of 'Protel 99' as I had studied 'pSpice' during my years in college.

If anyone knows how to use 'protel 99' to design the schematic in order to convert into PCB layout can they please be of help. I have only 2 days to complete this task. Thanks guys!



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Your schematic is not one for a laser microphone. It is a generic light-to-audio receiver. If you have a transmitter circuit that takes in audio and uses it to modulate the intensity of a light source (laser, LED, etc.) directly (that is, not on a carrier), then this circuit will turn that amplitude-modulated light back into audio. Fidelity will be very low because both the emitter and receiver are very non-linear, and not in matched, offsetting ways. Where did the schematic come from?