help to understand web server basic

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I web server is use to store, process and deliver web pages to client PCs. I always think that there are two things first hardware and second program and program always run on hardware. I have doubt that what is web server. I think that web server is device or PC on wich software program run to make him web server. and all client PC's can access the web server. . This means that no additional software need to be installed on the client PCs, since only a web browser is required. What is web server. Is it hardware or software or the combination of hardware and software program I think its combination of hardware and software program that receive request and send output to the client PC? what are the other server like windows server 2012, WAMP SERVER?
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I already visited on that site. I am not sure that we can make a any computer as web server by installing wamp or windows server. does it mean that, if I have PC with internet on which wamp server installed is called as wab server PC. I think no
Well.. you would be wrong..
You can take any computer and turn it into a web server very easily..

One can build a simple web server with just an Arduino and ethernet shield..

I can build a web server on this tiny ESP8266 device that fits in the palm of my hand..

A raspberry pi can be a web server..

You don't need wamp or windows server at all..
It simply needs to respond to HTTP requests to be a "web server".. It simply needs to "serve data" back to a client based on a request on the web/over the internet to be a basic web server..


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There are many many things that can be a Web server however to be clear there are many many things that are also needed to make a Web server work well. Most important is connection to internet. No connection to internet then what is the use. Next what is the server going to be used for? Store? Social Media, Forums, E-Mail or Hosting websites?

With connections there is Redundant issues with load balancing. If your going to host you would be best off with a CO Location and a bank of IP addresses for your clients to have not only an www but their own IP address.

T-1 just isn't going to cut it unless your looking for your own web server to do your own website or maybe a few web sites. If there is going to be a large client list then OC-48 and multi backbones with regular backups and backup generator and not the least a Good onsight security system in place to keep your hardware safe.