help to replace tacho generator

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Have you tried a small (cheap) DC motor ran as a generator, which is all the tach is anyway, just a refined one, if the original tach was 10v/1krpm then a DC motor with the same voltage should work.
i.e. 20v motor @2000rpm.
Most drives have a pot to calibrate the tach to fine tune it.
No sir I haven't tried.... Is it possible to fit an encoder....


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. Is it possible to fit an encoder....
For around $10-$20 using a miniature DC motor might be the better candidate, you are going to have to convert to a analogue signal using the quad encoder.
Also there can be no delay or oscillation will result.
The Tach signal is summed with the command signal and the motor will accelerate until both are equal.


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I encountered this problem several times back when I was servicing old machinery with DC drives. Replacing the drive itself to a newer one with an encoder input was usually cheaper than replacing the analog tach. But a handful of times there was a tach signal that went to more than one place. Like on an old cabling machine, where the main drive tach signal (100V/1000RPM) went not only the main drive, but also to two tape head drives, a gunk pump, a capstan, and winder. For situations like that, I needed a niche signal conditioner with encoder input and +/-300VDC output. I scoured the planet looking for such a thing and accepted that it does not exist. I had plans to build one, spent a lot of time on it, but never built it. I've since lost the circuit drawings I made. If you do end up making something like that, I'd be interested in seeing it. But if you can get away with replacing the drive for under $100USD then that's probably the way to go.