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Hi guys,

Got a quick few questions. So i am in my final year and looking to choose my final year project. I really want to ace the project for 3 reasons.
-70 % of grades so if i do this well, i can potentially get a first.
- Individual project, so i can learn a lot and also apply what i have learnt.
- Have some confidence for the job market, have something to talk about and impress employers.

Now my concern here is, that i choose the correct project.
1. Something that is upcoming and modern.
2.Comprises of a combination of skills used; design work etc.
3. Something that would impress employers.

The following is a list of all projects that have been given to by tutors to work on.
Navneet Soin
1) Development of high performance dielectric-dielectric triboelectric systems for energy harvesting
2) Development of dielectric-metal triboelectric systems for energy harvesting

Akram Bati
1) Wind Turbines Power Quality Control
2) Flexible multi-axis Solar Panel Tracker with MPPT
3) Minimizing Power Systems oscillation by series controlled FACTS device
4) Generator control of Wave Energy Converter
5) Sensorless Speed control of Industrial Induction motors
6) Stability Improvement of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators PMSG

Chan See
1) Multiple Input Multip Output (MIMO) antenna Design for LTE (4G) mobile handset
2) A implantable antenna design for biomedical device.
3) MIMO antenna for ultrawideband application.
4) Tunable UWB antenna for cancer detection.
5) Compact Planar Rectanna for Wireless Power Transfer in the ISM band.
6) Designing low power Wireless sensor network system (Hardware/Software) for Internet of Things (IoT) or on body area network.
7) Pattern reconfigurable antenna for wireless/mobile communication.

Kevan Smart
1) Design of vehicle movement detector using street lights
2) Design of vehicle movement detector using street lights
3) Design of Bluetooth controlled electronic home appliances
4) Design of density based traffic signal system using microcontroller
5) Design of LC meter circuit using 555 timer.
6) Design of an Ultrasonic distance meter.
7) Design of a fingerprint recognition device.
8) Design of a Head Movement Controlled Human-computer Interface
9) Design of a Industrial Automation Using Speech Recognition with Wireless Monitoring.
10) Image Processing Based Toll Automation Using ANPR.
11) PIC Based Greenhouse Monitoring and Controlling System
12) Real Time Patient Monitoring System Based on ECG Signals
13) Gesture Recognition Based Wireless Control Using MEMS.
14) Zigbee Based Remote Monitoring of Temperature and Relative Humidity Using PIC.

I am interested in doing the antenna for cancer detection as it hits home. But need a good suggestion, more preferably under antennas as See Chan is the best tutor

Would be very helpful . I have no idea how to approach this. I am able to answer any questions that you may have

Thank you
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