Help Programming an Instrument Cluster

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hello bwilliams... i too am trying to transfer the info from one cluster to another for legitimate purposes ...I am able to transfer the code but i have not figured out the coding needed to correct the mileage...everyone is skeptical because of the obvious legalities involved but we are a legit business importing cars from Canada to USA and we must convert the clusters to American.. We do send them out for this service but i am trying to learn to do it myself...I have not been able to read the chips without de-soldering them first and also if there is a way to bench test the cluster so i can read the mileage at the any insight on those subjects is greatly appreciated...that being said do you have any recommended software that will help me decode the hex so that i can identify the mileage code and make the corrections ... Also is there a way to convert the cluster from kilometers to miles without messing with the mileage code but maybe the VIN or some other piece of code in the cluster?
I actually know how to do all this if you have not yet figured t out please get back to me with any questions.
I know this is older, butr did you come to any resolve?