help! non linear current generator Pspice

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Hello to everybody!

i'm designing a little circuit on Pspice with a Mosfet.
I need help because i need to put a current generator with this equation: (i'm trying to design a floating gate mos with tunneling effect given by Ifn):

Ifn= +- Atox*Afn*(Etox)^2exp(-Bfn/Etox)

where Etox=(Vd-Vfg)/dtox

dtox, Atox,Afn, bfn are known values.
I dont know how i can crate this current generator and how if its possibile put this equation.
help me!!!


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What is the utility of a forum And of tour answer?
If you're fairly new to Pspice (I have to assume that you are, or you wouldn't have posted your query) then you may be unaware of what help is available from within the program or its documentation and tutorials.