Help needed with gigaworks g500 subwoofer

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Hi, i recently got a gigaworks g500 subwoofer, it came with everything except for the remote. Actually i got a remote but it is for a t7900. The remote plugs in and thats it, i cant adjust any kind of volume settings and im really just stuck with a heavy box in my living room. My question is, can i rewire the existing controller to work with the my subwoofer or can i short some pins on the board of the subwoofer so its on full blast all the time, ill be plugging this in my pc so i can adjust the volume from there. I'll be posting the pictures for the motherboard of the subwoofer along with schematics. Also im really not experienced in audio equipment and the only thing i really know is to not touch the capacitors on the board or i might die . Thanks in advance