Help needed regarding induction microwave repair

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Hello guys
First of all sorry for the title,I typed the "microwave" by mistake.
This is my first post here so correct me wherever required...
From a last couple of days,My Induction cooker is giving problems.It is heating for a long time and can't even heat up as desired(A lot less heat as compared to the setted temp).
I opened the circuit and it was a chinese circuit board using Highway09a as its controller.There is no datasheet found on the Internet regarding this IC.I also checked all the capacitors from removing them from the board by my Fluke 87v and they showed the desired capacitor value(As compared to the rated value).Also checked the rectifier & IGBT but nothing found.
what can be the possible cause regarding this??
Please help!!
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Induction heating works by using a high frequency Tuned Circuit using a Capacitor and Coil, with a two transistor oscillator or IC, so post pictures of the pcb for more help...