Help needed on Readout SPC5604 BMLLA

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Hello there,

i´m the new one here :)

I want to readout a Microcontroller from an Airride Management ECU. Cause it´s not functioning correctly anymore.
It powers up, you can use it with the remote control.
But you cant enable bluetooth or do a powercycle from the ignition system on 12V.
When you´re disconnecting 12v ignition and reconnect it again nothing happens.
It´s also only comsumpting 120mA instead of 2.3A when booting.
Only help is to disconnect main power from the unit and then everything is working again (except the bluetooth and ignition cycle functionality.)

A Correct working unit ist also powering a LED on the PCB which on this one is also not working.

Checked for fauly PCB lanes but everythings fine.

So it looks like that the Microcontroller maybe has a problem.

Therefore i want to read it out and overwrite it with the one from a working ones.

The company which sells these Airride Managments isn´t helping at all cause there hiding behind their "new" Warranty claims which are now only 1 year instead of lifetime before.

Maybe someone has a heart and can help me out or have a good idea how to readout this Controller on which pin.

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