Help needed in synchronous sequential counter state diagram and state table

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  1. leodavinci90

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    Oct 22, 2014
    A counter needs to produce a 4-bit digital output representing decimal base numbers (5351619).
    The sequence starts with the first digit on the left to the right and then when the output is the right digit it goes back to the first digit. We use a D Flip-Flop.
    1- required to draw state diagram with letters referring to state and outputs remains in decimal format.
    2 - required to convert diagram to state table.
    Attached is a solution to the two questions. Can you comment on the correctness and kindly provide your advice.

    Regards. State_Diagram_State_Table.jpg
  2. rfenergyharvester

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    Apr 23, 2015
    I didn't quite understand the problem. Can you please elaborate? Like, give an example input sequence and the corresponding output sequence.