Help me identify these LEDs

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I've got a couple LEDs that I know very little about. I'm hoping they look familiar to someone.

The smaller one on the left lights up if I supply 12V thru a 220Ω resistor. Vf = 8V. I suspect it can get a lot brighter but I have no idea of the max current rating.

The big one was in a bag labelled "150W 6000-6500K". I have no idea how to light that one up.


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NO!!! Do NOT use rectified mains power. The voltage will be excessive . Until you know the proper forward voltage there is a chance of doing damage, and with am LED device like that it is a fair amount of money's worth. There is also the problem that LEDs can easily fail from excess reverse voltage, which might even be less thatn the normal forward voltage. I followed the one link and looked at that chart and that gives a forward voltage of 30 to 34 volts. and a current of several amps. Now that the smaller one lights, you can see which side gets the positive, and there may be a similar physical clue on the larger one. Then you can experiment with applying a lower voltage to seewhat makes it light.
Another caution is that with that much power input it will get very hot very fast and so you do need a serious heat sink.


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The smaller one is the 10 watt version.

The larger one looks like 100 watts, probably around 32 to 34 volts vf.

10 x 10 rows...150 watts is 10 x 15 rows

Although the bigger one could be 150 watts.