Help me..Capacitive dropper 5V 500mA circuit

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Balaji Krish

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Hi Guys,

Kindly review my circuit and tell me your feedback
I need to drive 250mA in the both regulator and different voltage
Total current - 500mA for 5V and 3.2V

Below are the circuit


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It is dangerous to connect any part of this circuit to earth or to a person. If you look closely at BR1 you can see that it shorts the AC line input to ground every half cycle. If neutral and line are accidentally swapped (it happens) you would still be shorting the line input to ground.

This thread is closed because it has started out dangerously and I don't see how you can get 500 ma safely with this circuit or by minor modifications. The thread starter can comment to the moderators by using the "Report" button if they think these problems can be solved.
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