Capacitive Reactence and Inductance Help!

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I have been given a quesiton asking me to calulate the following parameters and write the answers in polar form (i) Z, (ii) I(subscript)T (iii) V(subscript)R, (iv) V(subscript)C given that V1=2sin(2pi1000t). The circuit diagram consists of a series circuit containing R1(1kOhms) and C1(1nF), I mostly understand how to calculate Z and Vr however do not understand how to calcute I(t) or V(c), is I(t) the same as calculating just I? There is also a parralell circuit question which i am stuck on where the circuit contains C2(10uF) and R2(22kOhms) in parrallel with the same V1=2sin(2pi1000t)


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One question at a time, otherwise chaos ensues.

Provide a schematic and show YOUR best attempt to work the problem. That way we can see what you are getting right and were you are going wrong.