Help identify SMD inductor #2

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Hallo there . Can you help me with this issue as i cannot find the proper code for this radial inductor . I'm posting a picture so someone can hepl me . It is from power board from LG tv Screenshot_20201110-132734_Gallery.jpg


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@Purtto; Welcome to AAC. Yes, it's a proprietary number. You won't likely find much information on line. Measuring it will be the best way to go. Why are you looking at it? It appears to be in good condition. Coils don't often go bad, so - - - .

Also, you should start your own thread with this question. By inserting YOUR question onto SOMEONE ELSE'S thread - you hijack it. Granted, the original poster may have long since gotten their answer and have left this tread, it's been close to three years since there's been a reply until you woke it up. But the right way is to start your own thread.