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Hello, I have some experience in embbeded I've designed some solutions in my university, but nothing complex and ready to production.

Now I've got a project in hands, and I need some guidelines to start, I have no fear in trying to learn the protocols(bluetooth) or complicated stuff.

I want a simple board, controlled by a microcontroller(if it is enough), I want to read data from a gps sensor, a gyro, an accelarometer, temperture sensor, and I want to store the info in a ROM or something similar. I want the board to have a bluetooth chip, to send the info to an android/ios app, and to receive some info for configs.

What kind of micro and boards do you suggest, I want something good enough for production.

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If you want the solution with the largest number of tutorials and guides, you could use Arduino. It is open source, so you would need to check what is permitted for your "production" under the general licences.