Help changing an automatic shooting target to remote control

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I have a auto-resetting target, once shot it falls and raises itself. The current circuit board is going bad and the company wants too much for a replacement board, a completely different board because the original one failed a lot. They have a remote control version of the same target and might as well buy a new one for what they want to retrofit mine. The current setup has 2 magnetic proximity sensors to start the motor when the target goes down and to stop the motor when the target is back up. Is it worth my time and effort to attempt this? I know I would need some sort of motor or actuator to remotely knock the target down, would like the option to continue to operate it automatically, make it timed (so the target stays up x and then falls), or remotely up and down. Again, am I biting off more than I can handle?



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Is it worth my time and effort to attempt this?
I'm going to say no, it's not. The fact that you have to ask, combined with the fact that commercial solutions exist, tells me it's likely better to buy than to make.

That's if you goal is to get it all up and running again at minimum cost of time and effort. If your goal is to learn, have some fun building something, and maybe end up with a solution, then go for it. Just go in with eyes open that you may spend more time and money doing it yourself, by the time you're done.

If you want to build something, folks here will need a lot more information and details about what you have and what you want to do. Motor specs, timing sequence, trigger mechanism, and so on.