Need help changing out a baseboard thermostat

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We currently have an basic dial thermostat on a built in baseboard heater which I need to replace with a wifi thermostat. I purchased one on Amazon, but the wiring instructions are less than clear. The current thermostat has 2 red wires & 2 black wires coming out of it. The new thermostat has terminals marked L, N, N1 & L1. Any help would be appreciated.

Where are you located? What is the voltage / current rating of your current thermostat? Can you provide a link to your replacement thermostat?

Red and black wires would normally signify a 240V circuit here in the U.S. L and N normally signify a 120V circuit here in the U.S,, but in many other countries it could mean 240V depending on the local grid / incoming service voltage.

I would speculate you would use the red and black from the incoming power on the L and N terminals, and the red and black going to your heater on the L1 and N1. As far as where red and black go with respect to L and N it should not matter unless for some reason the N is also tied to earth ground (which it really shouldn't be at the thermostat itself).

Not the most helpful answer I know, but a link to the replacement will help us clear up some questions.