Help Breadboarding PIC 12F683 Programming Circuit


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You need a programmer, not a USB-to-Serial adapter.

The programming software in your computer issues instructions and data to a programmer that interprets the instructions and applies the data to the controller as necessary -in other words the thing that sits between your computer and the controller needs to have some "smarts".

Below is a link to a good programmer for development. Clones are available.

Pickit3 from Microchip


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Is this the right component to use?
That begs the question "just what do you want to use it for?"

It makes one way to easily see serial data on your PC, but it is NOT a programmer.

Even the simplest PIC programmers like the PICkit II can not only do in circuit programming they can also do in circuit debugging. So if you can leave the programing pins free (and I recommend doing this) you can do all that with your programmer.

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"That begs the question "just what do you want to use it for?"

To make the connection between PIC12F683 on breadboard to PC and PICBasic Pro.

It has a USB bootloader.

Would be willing to add PICKit 2 programming header.

"For $8.00 it hard to beat this for the 12f series, Ebay 40129915614'

I like to support 'brick and mortar' small computer outfits.
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