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    First of all ...!
    Thank you #12 for your concern.

    I was unable to log in cause I simply could not find a single friggin' WiFi Dongle in Kerala. I refused to use my phone as it was really difficult to type on that thing and I am not a fan of using phone to log in to forums plus I hardly remember the password as it is always saved in my home/work PC's.

    You might be wondering what I was doing in India..?
    Well ! I had to go for my wife's check up. Doctor said the most expensive method is the only way (I believe you guys know what that is...) that we can have a child and I do not wanna talk about it, cause, it makes my wife uneasy. We stayed for 10 days and I am back and kickin'. I must have missed a lotta threads. If any one involves me please point it out for me.

    Unrest in Maldives has gone up while I was away and rallies are going on. They Doubled the price of Sugar, Rice and Flour. Causing most of the service prices doubling. They say they did it because they cannot get loans from
    other countries. What they never realize is, it is because due to their actions other governments refuses lending loans. Our Tourism income is really high yet we are struggling for the basic living rights. It is always like that..Rich people needs more money to survive while we, the lower class holds on to the same income and is content.

    Well.... tht's it for now.
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    Sep 9, 2010
    You and your wife are facing challenges and I wish you the best in that.

    In the meanwhile, be sure to remind each other of the things you're thankful for. Sounds silly maybe, but it truly helps keep a positive attitude. A few minutes of "exercise" can improve your entire day.
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    Excellent advice that's sometimes forgotten in daily hustle. Thanks for the reminder. @R!f@@ , good luck and let us know how things are working out.
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