Harmonics homework

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Hello. Could someone help me?
I have to:
1) from given harmonics syntesize signal
2) calculate effective value of signal
3) represent resultant signal
I assume frequency is 50hz


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hi PaulsM.
Welcome to AAC.
As this is Homework, we need to see your attempt at answering, we can then guide you thru the problem.


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I have no attempts. I just know this formula A0/2+ A1*cos (do not know what goes here + Fi1 (angle)) + etc
Then a good place to start is your text book and work carefully and thoroughly through each section and each and every example exercise that is worked. If necessary, go back to previous material and do the same thing. Go as far back as needed.


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So, what is the point of this forum then? :)
To HELP people with their homework, not do it for them. YOU need to bring something to the table; that gives us a starting point from which to assist YOU work your homework by helping you identify specific points that you are going astray on and helping to get you back on a path toward a solution. If you have dug yourself such a deep hole that you truly can't make any attempt to even get started, then you need to stop digging and go back and learn the material you were supposed to be learning prior to this so that you are in a position to at least make some attempt.

If that's not consistent with what you are looking for, then perhaps this forum is not a good match for you.


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I'm pretty sure he's talking just about the Homework Help forum, a subforum on the All About Circuits forums.
Maybe, but given the breadth of subforum topics, I would think the purpose would be self-evident. Aside from the appearance of snarkiness in the question.