Hardware developer looking for side job

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Hi everyone.

I work as an embedded hardware developer. I make schemes, design pcb's and partially program microprocessors. For 2 years i worked as automation engineer so I am familiar with plc's and other industral equipment.

I would like to make electronics in my free time and make some money out of it.
The problem is that i don't know which kind of electronics is most profitable or what people really need.

Any help is welcome


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You have basically two choices:
  1. Work for hire with time and materials compensated.
  2. Start an enterprise servicing a known market with familiar customers.
In either case you need to find a way for people to come to you. How you do that will require some industry on your part. You should join user's groups, conduct educational seminars, give short talks at conventions and gatherings, join your local chamber of commerce. The list goes on.


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Welcome to AAC!

It sounds like a lot of bother to me.

If you contract to design/build something for a company or person, you'd be obligated to guarantee your work. That's going to involve a lawyer (think $300-500/hour), good specs, a schedule, liability insurance, etc.

Does your current company even allow moonlighting?