Hall effect sensor: A1302 vs A1369 and how to program A1369

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Hey everyone,

I am currently playing around with maybe whipping up a gaussmeter and was looking at different hall sensors and came across the models in this thread's title from Allegro. On the datasheets however, the A1302 is listed as just a "linear hall effect sensor" whereas the A1369 is listed as a "current sensing IC". I am wondering what the distinction is since they seem to both operate the same way from what I can surmise. Is it just that the 69 is more sensitive than the 02 with sligthly different spec'd values? Additionally, I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge of how to program one of these and what the purpose of programming it is (greater sensing accuracy?), or if it is just better to leave it at stock specs? I do know c++ but have never worked with programming micros or anything of the sort.

Thanks in advance

PS: I've included datasheets for these two packages as well as another from a sensor with a sensitivity in between the 02 and 69



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The 1301 and 1302 are not programmable.
The 1369 is programmable. See page 11 and on of the datasheet.
It uses a sequence of high voltage pulses in two levels on the Vout pin to program the chip.
There are two modes for programming, one for try (looses settings when unpowered) and
fuse blowing mode, this can only be done once and the settings are fixed in the chip, also unpowered.