H Bridge Shorting? Wrong MOSFETs?

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So I've been having trouble with my H Bridge circuit as well as explaining it. I've attached a diagram of my H Bridge circuit which contains 4 IRF540 MOSFETs, a motor, and two buttons. I am slowly narrowing down the problem but I'm still not sure how to remedy it. I know that pressing both buttons simultaneously will short the circuit. However, it seems that if I only press one button, the circuit shorts anyways (have been using arduino 5V output as power supply and pressing either button draws too much current causing the arduino to turn off). I'm wondering if the problem is my IRF540 MOSFETs. I found that when I applied a separate voltage directly to the source of one of the first set of MOSFETs, the motor began running without any input from the gates. Suffice to say, I am no electrical engineer, but I want to learn what is wrong with my circuit and how to remedy it. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.



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That's a strange bridge circuit.
Normally the top and bottom of the bridge to V+ and ground.
You don't run the bridge current through the control signals.
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