H-Bridge: boost power PWM signal

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Cayo Fontana

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Hi there,

I have a h-bridge circuit with two ic 555 to forward and backward dc motor 12v (please, see first schema). But this send only +3.75v or -3.75v (depending which esp8266 pin came the signal).

I have a ic that make boost power (2.2v-5v to 12v) and it works fine with dc motor (please, see second schema).

But the question is i don't know how to use the boost power (like on second schema) in h-bridge circuit (first schema).

Anyone can help me? Thank you!



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What is the stall current of the motor?
The 555 is not really designed to be used this way and the current capacity is not real high. Depending on the make, maybe 200mA. Most motors will draw way higher than that.
And if you look at the data sheet, the sink voltage at 100mA and above can be 2.5V. The output is not designed to drive large loads.
So, really, you are trying to use the wrong parts for the job.