Graph the output waveform of a MOSFET circuit

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akkex eliu

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Hello, I am new in this...

Here I have to graph the output waveform of the circuit for a square input wave, whose peak-to-peak voltage ensures Q2 is polarized in the ohmic region.
Suppose Q2 has RDS (on) = 9Ω and Q1 RD = 8kΩ

please I just need the graph, if someone can simulate in proteus or another simulator and take a photo
i will apreciate to lot it



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You should really attempt this yourself first. That's the way this forum usually works. That way people have a better idea what you want. If you dont know how to use a simulator you should learn because it is well worth it. LT Spice is one such free simulator. You will not be sorry that you had learned this kind of software.


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Hello, I am new in this...
You'll learn more if you show us your attempt at a solution so we can see where you're going wrong.

Circuit simulators have their place, but you shouldn't depend on them until you have a better grasp of fundamentals. I liken it to using a calculator before you know how to do the calculations manually.