GPS patch antenna wiring

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I’m breadboarding a small unit that contains GPS receiver and I’m a bit cramped for space so I want to use a GPS patch antenna on the surface. The GPS Rx has an SMB connector and it’s just easier to cut an SMB cable and attach it to the bottom of a patch antenna that comes with no cable. I’d like to verify what I believe to be true. I certainly assume the center point is the DC in/RF out and I’ll just select pin 3 or 12 for the coax shield since they appear to be connected to the ground plane ... seems to be correct, but there are several isolated PCB connections around the edge, so I’m not 100% sure. Opinions welcome. Thanks.07CBD4D5-1FC6-4C72-9104-CD4F0CF1C63F.png1DD09E08-C8F8-410B-92ED-47D5ABBF0824.png