GPS navigation for mobility scooter (Solved, thanks all)

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I use a mobility scooter and from time to time I am in an unfamiliar place where they are negligent in providing street name signs. I have a Fairphone 3+, with android 10, which I believe has a GPS receiver. Is there a good app which can show me where I am on a map and, preferably, plan a route given start and finish points.

Does such an app exist?
Any recommendations?
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Yes, getting the map is easy but I don't how, or whether, to link with the GPS.
Google "dictates" a minimum hardware spec to use android on
part of that is GPS,
Google maps will come with the default Android install
and automatically links to the GPS
and has built in options for car, public transport, walking or cycling routes

Other apps are around,
but your going to get maps "automatically"