Toyota car DVD Navigation.

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Babu Mistry

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Hi, Any member,
who has any idea on Toyota car DVD player, how does reverse camera parking assistance guideline works when Turning the steering wheel.
also need to know I am about to change the DVD player.
A pioneer 215bt will support this parking guideline on its monitor.
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Sounds to me like you want to integrate the backup camera with your after-market head unit. As long as the head unit supports the backup camera - you should be good to go. However, you mention the backup guidelines; I don't know if your head unit supports that. Since some cars have backup lines that move when you turn the wheel, it seems to me - but I don't know this for any kind of fact - that it may depend on the cars computer system to direct the positioning and bending of those lines. Perhaps it will work, maybe not. I can't say.

I have a Taco (Tacoma) with straight backup lines. They don't move. They also don't tell me much about exactly where the back wheels are. I mostly depend on it to not hit something or someone. Other than that I'm leaving well enough alone.