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It has been increasing, but today started being pushy.
Got a call from a HVAC company that requested my email because they are going 'paperless' ( I have rental properties and deal with several maintenance and suppliers )
Said no to allow my email. They did not like it. No matter the consequences; I will not spend my days stuck in front of a screen massaging a keyboard.
How can I fill tax forms and accounting without paper invoices from expenses ? Am not modern nor I want to be.

Does it mean that for every invoice, receipt (~ hundreds per year) I have to link/attach an image, electronic document to justify/back/prove an expense ? And scan minor receipts into electronic documents ? And then have a hard drive failure ?
Are you into 'paperless' ; how do you do it ?


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I have to print every every paper less invoice and put it in the tax file.
I have a place on my hard drive c:/.....my doce/.....tax/2020/invoices (in .pdf format)
It is handy to have all bank and credit card monthly statements in .pdf format.


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I worked about four years with one of the biggest shipping company in Germany as Supercargo of their vessels down here. My final report of the operation of each one was a mix of text and pictures duly bonded in place. That was then sent to them by DHL or equivalent.

About 15 years ago, if no more, they sent an email to everyone around the globe saying that starting a certain day they won't accept anything in print but in .pdf format. What a relief!!

Encouraged with that I started to contact the rest of my customers and proposed to go the .pdf way. Everybody agreed.

The ream of paper currently "in use" I opened it maybe by january last year. The 90% still with me.

Completing a report of long operations takes between 2 to 4 hours because the necessity of checking every single sentence and piece of data and the coherence of the whole.

The printing you say? Well, "printing" takes 30 to 60 seconds and off it goes by email to all parties involved.

After learning the hard way, I keep a redundant back up and a strict discipline on those matters. More free time to post in AAC.

Keep a dedicated email address only for work.