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Vindhyachal Takniki

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I had looke at NI labview FPGA product & way we can program it using labview. It is for xlinix only.
Suppose someone has to start FPGA learning. Is it ideal approach. You dont have to learn VHDL for that.
Limitation may be you are limited to xlinix only & now away from VHDL also.

(This is just for discussion only. I am not learning FPGA right now)


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I have not studied too much about this, but if I were a young fella, this is what I would study.

This concept should put all microprocessors and almost all hardware chips, out of business.

If I manufactured FPGAs, I would be learning how to software clone the functions of existing processors and hardware chips. Then they will sell, fast!

For instance, let’s say you’re an expert with a particular processor or family. You could download a configuration code that could imitate all the I/O, registers and functions of the real chip.

And let’s say that the chip your use to, has 2 adcs. Well, you could add 6 or 10 more at anytime. You mod and build your own chip. Then you can throw in a server or two for communications. And a few rf devices.

In the future, all you’ll need is some voltage and current translators for I/O, FPGA and software.

This might happen very quickly, if the programmers get on it. Especially with this new fast memory.

This memory comes back from the dead.

It’s a great software future.