Getting Started Resource for Terasic FPGA

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A few years ago I took a class on digital logic, which skipped over all of the labs that included actually using an FPGA. I found it very interesting, and enjoyed working in the Quartus II software environment, so I purchased a Cyclone V GX starter kit. With quite a bit of fiddling, I got the kit to communicate with my computer (Windows 7 originally, then later Windows 10) through the C5G control panel, which is a program that Terasic provides to show that the development board and all of its features are talking to the board. So far so good.

Very dilligently following the steps that I had learned in class, keeping with the original software version, and with plenty of follow-up fiddling, I keep on running into problems in the simulation phase, preventing me from uploading the program into the board. I put the unit away and tried again about a year later, with a fresh set of eyes, a new operating system and renewed motivation, with the same result.

I suspect the problem is that variations in the software and/or my operating system have occurred despite efforts for consistency , and I've failed to locate any resources that show the steps in a manner consistent with the options that are available in the software. I can go into specifics, but first I want to know if there is anyone out there that has experience with implementation in Quartus, who would be willing to help.

Alternately, maybe someone can point me in the direction of another develpment environment, where the existing documentation is adequate for self-teaching. If I went that direction, would I need a different board? Cost is not a major consideration.

Much thanks!