Fun project with pic18f8722

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    Fun project:

    I did design, as a pensioner, a general purpose pcb board based on a PIC18f8722.( see attached).

    The used current at power supply should, in rest, not go above the 60 micro amps clock running. This all works fine and is now running for one year sending one e-mail and on sms a day. Content: position, time, voltage and status. The current power sources are five Nmhi aaa cells. The voltage, after one year is still 6.34V.

    This all is not spectacular however; I like to ‘upgrade’ the pcb ad e.q. an USB master to create logging functions. A display is already added and the rtc removed.

    My question what else would you guys like to see in it or as an option to it?

    Do I make it available to the members of this club? Maybe depending interested people. (number of)
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    How about a picture and source code?
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