FS (US) NOS Ceramic power resistors Yageo

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Hi everyone,

I have recently got ahold of a large number of New Old Stock (NOS) ceramic Yageo power resistors (5 and 10W depending on the value) and will be parting out with several of them.

I can prepare bags of 20 resistors (various values or all the same) for US$10 + shipping. I would prefer to ship to continental US but can try to accommodate some international packages.

All resistors are ±5%

Part Numbers:
- SQP10AJB series for 10W
- SQP500JB series for 5W

The datecodes of the resistors are all from 2003-2005.

Leads are all in excellent shape (no rust or hard to remove crust), as well as their overall state.

Thank you for looking

0.62Ω 5W
0.68Ω 5W
1.0Ω 5W and 10W
1.1Ω 10W
2.0Ω 10W
2.2Ω 10W
3.6Ω 10W
3.9Ω 10W
4.3Ω 10W
6.2Ω 10W
7.5Ω 10W
8.2Ω 10W
9.1Ω 5W and 10W
10Ω 5W
16Ω 10W
22Ω 10W
24Ω 10W
30Ω 10W
39Ω 10W
43Ω 10W
51Ω 5W and 10W
62Ω 5W and 10W
120Ω 10W
130Ω 10W
150Ω 10W
220Ω 5W
470Ω 10W

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