Treadmill Motor Control / Power Supply Blown - Ceramic Capacitor Value needed

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Hi all, I have done a forum search and not found hat I'm looking for, so have asked the question here.

I am stuck in Saudi Arabia, so no local dealer...
I have been given a motor controller / power supply from a proform crosswalk 365 treadmill. It was wrongly plugged in to 220v a/c instead of 110 v a/c. You really wouldn't believe how many times this happens!

As a result the ceramic capacitor across the mains input is blown (see pic)

If anyone can tell me what kind of value this would be that would be a great help.

Info off the PCB:
MC1200 Rev B.
p/n 203517
also, 212 0505 MC1200-2.4





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I bet it is a MOV overvoltage protection, not a capacitor. Is it right across the power input leads? If you take it out and nothing else is damaged, the device should operate as normal. If it doesn´t then the protection wasn´t enough and you will have much more problems with the board.