Frequency control in a circuit

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Hello! My goal is to power an electromagnetic coil. In this circuit I want to use sine waves at a low Hz (below 10 Hz). Im using a signal generator but it does not have enough power for my coil. How can I hook up my signal generator to a AC power supply to regulate the frequency? Or should I try another approach? Also what type of coil would produce the highest EMF wave? The goal is low frequency and high current. I am lost im very new to electronics so if someone can explain to me in layman's terms to get to my goal I would greatly appreciate it. The Hz is very important in my experiment


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Your description is missing a lot of detail. What power supply voltage(s) do you have to work with? How much current do you need to pump through the coil? do you know the resistance and/or inductance of the coil?

AND - what is this for? The more we know about your final application, the better the responses will be.