I Need A Circuit to Control The Frequency And....

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heey All.. Hiii Firstt Whats up ?

(Chambers generate pulses of different frequencies)

heeiii i just want a circuit that i change the Frequency ,,,so i can Control The Ton,,Toff,,, (time) u know wt is Ton And Toff.. and Im using IGBT To Trigger It .... by the pulse...That is comin from the Circuit above...
am waitin Reply
Thankss for all

How to protect electronic component؟؟؟

1--IGBT ...
3-full wave Rectifier..


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You need what is called a "Pulse-Width Modulator" and something that will drive an IGBT effectively. I suggest you search for "PWM IGBT circuit" or something, then report back if you have any issues or questions.

How to protect electronic components?

- Fuses
- transient voltage suppressors
- snubbers
or, very generally, making sure that their maximum specifications aren't exceeded, ie. 10A through a 5A mosfet, 100W dissipation through an unheatsinked to220 package, etc.