signal generator

  1. C

    Series-parallel R, L, and C with a 50 Ohm Signal Generator

    How does the math in the example RLC Example change when the 12V/60Hz source has a 50 Ohm impedance?
  2. Electronic_Maniac

    Questions regarding Function Generator - AFG3000C

    I am having this new Function generator - AFG3000C I am having difficulty in understanding certain terms related to this FG. I have tried online searches, but I couldn't get what I was looking for. Being a newbie, I request you all to help me understand my queries in simple terms. Could you...
  3. C

    Triangular signal cutting off

    I made a circuit to demonstrate the work of a 555 and a constant current regulator and wanted to add triangle wave input. I've done that by integrating the output of a 555 timer, and at the node 'tri' I do get the desired triangle wave of ~ +-8V. Since I want the the voltage positive at all...
  4. S

    Frequency control in a circuit

    Hello! My goal is to power an electromagnetic coil. In this circuit I want to use sine waves at a low Hz (below 10 Hz). Im using a signal generator but it does not have enough power for my coil. How can I hook up my signal generator to a AC power supply to regulate the frequency? Or should I try...